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Ms Editor Chibi is a reoccuring character in Goldn's videos. She tends to shout-out, correct, or just interrupt in videos. She is protrayed by Goldn as a character to let the viewers know that what is being said was recording during editing.


Ms Editor Chibi has never changed design and only been a single png file that Goldn created quickly as a placeholder file. She has green eyes, blonde hair, and wears a pink shirt that changes text. The text on the shirt originally said "Ms Goldn Chibi" and eventually changed to "Ms Editor Chibi"


Coming Soon


  • Originally was drawn on Feburary 28th, 2021, but never appeared or was released publically until the video on March 1st, 2021
  • She is the facade that "Goldn's Editor" hides behind. Goldn is her own editor, but likes to use the "editor" as a different persona.
  • In QM39; Ms Editor Chibi links to her own donation site, which redirected the viewer to Goldn's Patreon page.