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G13 is a character created for a drawing that appeared in The Weekly by CaptainTV.


G13 is a Sentient AI. She has an orange streaks across her body. Her designation is painted above her left breast. She has white hair with blue accents within it. Her eyes glow Yellowish Orange.


Weekly Ep24

Well, Robots... and ofc they are dating.
G13 is an older model android who use to be forced to do heavy work for the military before the Sentient AI Act. She no longer works for the military, but instead as a college professor. She hopes to one day save up enough to get a human-looking surface so she can blend in with her co-workers.
In the drawing, G13 was waiting on a park bench next to a stone wall for G70 so they could go on a date.


  • G13's name comes from Goldn's favourite number, 13.