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G70 is a character created for a drawing that appeared in The Weekly by CaptainTV.


G70 is a Sentient AI. She has human-like skin that can change colours. Her hair is dark red and her eye are deep blue. Her designation isn't written on her body, but rather she wears it on her clothing.


Weekly Ep24

Well, Robots... and ofc they are dating.
G70 is a newer model android. Before the Sentient AI Act, she was designed for companionship and being a nanny/babysitter. She still works as a nanny, but instead of working for a human, she works for herself, taking care of foster children. Though she is drawn to look to be made of metal, she is actually surfaced with a soft material that can change colours. The children have a lot of fun with that.
In the drawing, G13 was waiting on a park bench next to a stone wall for G70 so they could go on a date.


  • G70's name coming from GF, 70 is the Alt Code for F try it, "ALT+7+0" using a numb-pad