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Goldn, the person who this wiki is all about. She is a streamer, graphic artist, and a developer. She has been creating a world from the characters she has drew. She also has developed Minecraft Mods and Modpacks as well.


She has never appeared on camera outside of her hands during LEGO streams. She is about average size, though she is still small compared to everyone around her. She has dirty-blonde or golden-blonde hair. Her eyes change colour through the seasons, sometimes being a green-blue or green.


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While they are fears, they are all different levels of fear, mostly being mild in one way or another, some of these fears are similar to dislikes. This is to avoid people purposfully using her fears against her.

  • Lysbrytophobia - Fear of Lightswitches
Caused by her office/computer room's light switch nearly causing a fire and kept scaring her after that until repaired. Since then, she is wary of any lightswitch she encounters.
  • Arachnophobia - Fear of Spiders (in the House)
Very Common Phobia, she finds spiders in games, videos, and other forms of media not nesscary scary. When she was younger, she had a dangerous fear of spiders, but as she grew older, this fear slowly became a fear of spiders in places for humans. She has a belief that spiders should NEVER be inside of the house free to roam.
  • Entomophobia - Fear of Bugs (in the House)
Similar to her Arachnophobia, she finds most bugs scary. She can bear them in games, videos, and other forms of media, but when it comes to real life, she hates bugs, especially if they are near her or in a building. Bugs in real life are creepy.
  • Anthropophobia - Fear of People
People are scary. This fear caused Goldn to feel unsafe while unknown people are around.
Some sub-Phobias to the fear of people which Goldn has are Enochlophobia (Fear of Crowds), Sociophobia (Fear of Social Situations), and Agoraphobia (Fear of Public Places).
  • Iatrophobia - Fear of (some) Doctors
Most likely caused by some unknown underlying trauma from her early years which are mostly blurs now. She isn't scared of all doctors, but she is still wary of most doctors. It is unclear what trauma exactly caused this fear, but luckily it isn't major enough for her to be dangerous.