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Mardi Gras Girl is a character created for a drawing that appeared in The Weekly by CaptainTV.


Mardi Gras Girl has red hair. In both drawings of her, her eyes are not seen. She is slender and tends to wear more expensive clothing, typically ones she has ruin/destroyed out of rebellion.


Weekly Ep8

I ended up writing a short "story" (if that is the right word for it) with her as I was sharing the drawing with some friends.
I kept pointing out that her dress was based on that of a simple bridal dress from a comic I was reading.
She was at a wedding the previous Sunday night, spilt some PG-FRIENDLY GRAPE JUICE on her dress, staining it to a point which could not be cleaned. Instead of throwing away the "expensive" dress, she got creative the following day. Using various dyes and techniques, she blended the stain into a beautiful dress that she wore the next day to Mardi Gras.
On other notes, I wanted her to have her tongue sticking out in a derpy/friendly way, but accidentally drew this cute little tooth sticking out that I just had to use. Which is why I kinda see her as this young trouble maker... maybe she purposely spilled that PG-FRIENDLY GRAPE JUICE to get an accuse to leave the wedding reception,,, or she just is a little clumsy or stressed about the whole wedding or not making a mess/causing-trouble during that day... either way, she enjoys her creation/mess and feels cute/adorable in it

Weekly Ep10

Well I actually did come up with a story kinda ahead of time. First off, I need to clarify, yes this is Meatball Girl and Mardi Gras girl, they totally tried to go on a Meatball date which didn't end well... Mardi Gras girl planned and attempted multiple dates with her, but Meatball girl never got the hint (she is almost more blind to flirting than I am).... Anyway, her latest attempt was taking Meatball girl to the park for icecream... insert something here to give a reason to have MardiGras girl express her feelings in the form of a kiss... I think Meatball girl got the hint now, especially since she started seeing cartoon-hearts all around her while they kiss...
I was going to name these girls, but I can't think of names... When I need to name something, I usually let Alex-a or Google come up with a random name, but I don't want to do that especially since these two actually have worth, unlike random NPCs in a game I only play once


  • Originally was an unnamed Character that was later referred to as the Mardi Gras Girl.
  • Mardi Gras Girl has a girlfriend.