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Meatball Girl is a character created for a drawing that appeared in The Weekly by CaptainTV.


Meatball Girl has reddish-brown hair and yellow eyes.


Weekly Ep9

Her friend invited her out for "a date over spaghetti and meatballs", she obviously agrees to go out for "meatballs". Her friend was soooo confused when she ordered "just meatballs" and didn't dress up for the occasion. She stated that she "doesn't like spaghetti" so she ordered "just meatballs" from the Spaghetti Palace that only serves meals that are spaghetti-like; like "just meatballs", "just spaghetti", "spaghetti sauce pizza" (also known as pizza burgers in the lands of Minnesota and maybe else where), and ofc "spaghetti n cheese" (a play on mac n cheese) for the kids and kids at heart who can handle that much cheese.
Also the Spaghetti Palace is a really messy place and literally nobody else was dressed up, unlike her friend who invited her, who was wearing a semi-formal dress, which was completelyyyy ruined the by the end of the meal
Unnamed Girl (from pictured) still never figured out that this was a date, a meatball date

Weekly Ep10

Well I actually did come up with a story kinda ahead of time. First off, I need to clarify, yes this is Meatball Girl and Mardi Gras girl, they totally tried to go on a Meatball date which didn't end well... Mardi Gras girl planned and attempted multiple dates with her, but Meatball girl never got the hint (she is almost more blind to flirting than I am).... Anyway, her latest attempt was taking Meatball girl to the park for icecream... insert something here to give a reason to have MardiGras girl express her feelings in the form of a kiss... I think Meatball girl got the hint now, especially since she started seeing cartoon-hearts all around her while they kiss...
I was going to name these girls, but I can't think of names... When I need to name something, I usually let Alex-a or Google come up with a random name, but I don't want to do that especially since these two actually have worth, unlike random NPCs in a game I only play once


  • Originally was an unnamed Character that was later referred to as the Meatball Girl.
  • Meatball Girl has a girlfriend.