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Module:UI: Revision history

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    14 August 2022

    • curprev 19:3119:31, 14 August 2022Goldn talk contribs 10,191 bytes +10,191 Created page with "local slot = require( Module:Inventory slot ).slot local addSlot = function( args, item, prefix, class, default ) local none, nostacksize prefix = prefix or '' if #prefix == 0 then none = 'none' nostacksize = ((item == '' or nil) and '') or (args and args[item] and args[item]:gsub( '[,%d]', '' ) or '') end return slot{ nostacksize or args[item], mod = args.Mod, link = none or args[prefix .. 'link'], title = none or args[prefix .. 'title'], class = class,..."