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Goldn originally designed Silver to be based off of herself. Silver's name comes from how she is based off of Goldn but is different. Goldn does tend to project herself onto the character since she doesn't like her own identity being revealed.


Though her appearance changes each drawing, the design is similar. She has either orange, blonde, or light brown hair. Her skin is typically pale or slightly tan, sometimes she has freckles. Her eyes are always either Green, Blue or a mix of Green and Blue. Most drawings of Silver (though unlabeled/unnamed) have her wearing a pink shirt with blue or dark gray pants.


Coming Soon


  • Originally was an unnamed Character that was assumed to be Goldn.
  • Silver sometimes has freckles because Goldn sometimes get freckles, especially when she was on the "vampire" medication.
  • Like Goldn, Silver is a Lesbian. Unlike Goldn, Silver is a Lesbian both romantically and sexually. She has had been depicted with Pansexual colours in early practice sketches.