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|theme = 
|title = {{Character/Symbol|title=|img=}}
|Symbol = 
|SymbolWidth = 
|SymbolLink = 
|SymbolBG = 
|image = 
|caption = 
|media = {{Img|img=|alt=|caption=}}
|aliases = 
|pronouns = 
|affiliation = 
|occupation = 
|status = 
|marital = 
|birthDate = 
|birthPlace = 
|deathDate =
|deathPlace = 
|species = 
|gender = 
|height = 
|weight = 
|eyes = 
|skin = 
|parents = 
|creator = 
|partner = 
|relatives = 
|voiced = 
|voices = 
|portrayedby = 
|appearsin = 
|deput = 
|discordtag = 
|twitch = 
|youtube = 
|twitter = 
|website = 
Value Type Description Usage
|theme Themes from infobox.css Changes the Color and Design of the Infobox Optional
|title {{Character/Symbol|title=|img=}}
The title of the infobox Recommended
|Symbol Internal Image File Currently Not in Use Ignore
|SymbolWidth ##% or ##px Width of Symbol Symbol Only
|SymbolLink Internal Page Where the image links to when clicked Symbol Only
|SymbolBG Background Colour of Symbol The Background colour of the symbol if differ from transparent Optional
|image Internal Image File Currently not in Use Ignore
|caption string text below image Image Only
|media {{Img|img=|alt=|caption=}} Current use case for a image Suggested
|aliases string What the person/character is also known as Optional
|pronouns string pronouns of the person/character Optional
|affiliation string who/what is affiliated with this character Optional
|occupation string job of person/character Optional
|status string alive/deceased/unknown Optional
|marital string if married or not Optional
|birthDate date birthday of the person/character Optional
|birthPlace string place of birth of the person/character Not Recommended
|deathDate date date of death of the person/character Not Recommended for Characters
|deathPlace string place of death of the person/character Not Recommended
|species string what species the person/character is Optional
|gender string the gender if it exists Optional
|height value height of the person/character Optional
|weight value weight of the person/character Optional
|eyes colour colour(s) of the person/character's eyes Optional
|skin string skintone. pattern. etc Not Suggested
|parents string doesn't have to be birth parents Optional
|creator string not the same as parent Optional
|partner string partner/date of the person/character Optional
|relatives string siblings and other relatives Optional
|voiced person character voiced by a person Character
|voices character person who voices a character Person
|portrayedby person person who protrays a character Character
|appearsin string where this character appears at Optional
|deput string/date where/when a character first appeared Suggested
|discordtag Username#0000 discord tag Optional
|twitch URL & username twitch url and username Optional
|youtube URL & username youtube url and username Optional
|twitter URL & tag twitch url and tag Optional
|website URL link to a website related to the person/character Optional